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November 4, 2012
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Warning, strong language and some gore.


You stood there in the camp bar with about 20 other drunken men, including your three friends; Antonio, Francis and Gilbert.

You walked up to Francis and slung his arm over your shoulder, you grabbed Gilbert's ear with one hand and Toni's arm with the other and said, "Aaaalright, guys. We're going the cabin so we can get some sleep before the flight tomorrow." and began dragging them out of the bar.

Where were you and what were you doing there? Why, you were in Alaska and you were forced to go with your three friends while they worked there as Hunters and patrolled their assigned area. They were hired to sustain the killer wolves in certain parts of Alaska. Unfortunately the only way to do that was to kill them. Basically they were putting them out of their misery. They were rabid, injured and desperate. So the animals resorted to killing humans for food.

So you had to stay in a cabin with them and be in a camp with a bunch of other men that felt they didn't have a rightful place in society, so they came here in search of a place. There were fugitives, broken men, lost people, ass holes and every other type of person that society would just love to cast away.

Let's just say you smelled horribly of cologne, sweat and axe within three days.


In the morning you had to wake them up from their hangovers and help them get ready for their flight home.  


Once you got your flight tickets you boarded the plane and began searching for your seats. Your seat was 24C. Gilbert's was 24D(right behind you). Antonio's was 25D(the window seat next to Gilbert). And Francis was in 25H(across the isle from you).

Next to you was a random guy with dark blonde hair(about the same length as Francis) with his hair held back by a baseball cap.

You sat down and said "Hi" politely. After taking your heavy coat off and placing it on the floor he replied,

"Hey there. The name's Todd. You are?" he tipped his hat slightly.

"_______ _______." you replied and held out your hand, "Nice to meet you."

"What's a girl like you doing around all these gruff, brute-like guys? Don't be tellin' me you actually hunt out here, a little cute dame like yourself." he joked, taking your hand and looking at you with your pastel pink turtle-neck,light blue boot-cut jeans and black snow boots, fake fur lining the top rim.

"No, actually. I was literally dragged here by the two goons behind us," you pointed behind you, "and him." you motioned to Francis.

He looked to where you motioned and said, "They must be crazy, bringin' a tease like you around all these brawny men. Surprised none of them tried to hurt 'cha."

"Actually, everything has been quite alright. Everyone has been treating me very kindly." you smiled, beaming up at him and causing a light blush to rise to his cheeks(which you failed to notice... unlike the btt who were currently glaring daggers at the man).

"Well," he smiled back, "That's good to hear."

It took all of the three's will power not to strangle that man.


(Prussia's POV)

'Verdammit... Vhy does _______ have to be so damn cute!? It's just not fair. If she keeps zhis up she'll have zhe whole god damn plane like putty in her hands.... Her soft, soft hands.... Gah! Snap out of it, Gilbert!' Gilbert mentally smacked himself.


(Your POV)

You had fallen asleep on Todd's shoulder after a while, but a sudden bounce of the plane woke you. Your eyes shot open and you sat up. Todd looked down at you confused.

"What was that?" you asked.

"Plane must have hit a rough spot in the clouds." he explained, "No big deal, I'm sure."

"Oh, okay." you laughed, "I'm just really paranoid when it comes to planes."

The plane hit another rough spot and bounced a few more times.

"I don't blame ya'." he turned to face the rest of the plane, "Hey, y'all, if the plane goes down don't do that head between your knees crash position shit." he announced to the whole plane.

The rest of the plane just groaned. Toni kicked the back of his seat and others threw objects at him, knocking his hat off his head.

"I'm just sayin'! I saw this thing on discovery channel and these peoples spines went through their skulls." he immediately said.

"Shut uuup." one of the men groaned irritably.

"Man, you boys are sensitive." he stated, putting his hat back on.

"I thought that was actually pretty funny." you giggled, bringing yet another blush to Todd's cheeks.

"Ya' think so?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck, "People don't usually get my humor."

"I thought it was really funny." you and him shared a laugh.

Suddenly Gilbert slumped himself over the seat in between you and Todd, "Heeeeeeeyyyyy, frau! How's zhe flight going so far???"

"G-Gilbert, hi!" you laughed, "Well, you came out of nowhere... But so far it's going good. What about you?" you smiled up at him.

He was about to answer when the flight attendant came over and asked him to sit down. So, with a pout, he returned to his seat.

"Well, that was random." Todd laughed.

"Yeah~. That's just their style~." you said, almost dreamily.

This made Todd a little jealous.


Todd had gone to the bathroom and you had fallen asleep again, when the plane bounced violently again. You snapped awake and you could hear the engine of the plane loud and clear. It sounded like it was heating up rapidly.

The plane bounced violently and the flight attendant almost fell into Francis' lap as she walked down the aisle(not like he would've minded).

You turned around to face Gilbert, "Hey, what's going on?"

"I don't know." he said, looking a little worried(which was HUGE for Gilbert).

The plane bounced yet again and your ears popped as you felt a slight decline in the plane.

You leaned over Todd's empty seat and wiped the condensation off the window. You saw that it was night time and that the plane was moving at an exceedingly fast pace. You could literally see the wings of the plane shaking as your speed increased.

You ears popped yet again as the decline became more frequent. You looked down and tightened your seat belt around your waist until it was almost squeezing the air out of you.

You heard Gilbert and Antonio fumbling around with their seat belts as well and looked over to see Francis tightening his.

The plane engine was almost deafeningly loud as you felt the drastic decline and speed gain.

Then had a brilliant idea! You laid down on Todd's unoccupied seat and strapped your torso in to his seat.

Suddenly the back of the plane flew off and there was a ton of yelling mixed together with your cheesy horror movie scream while snowy air chilled your skin.

Then you reached up and grabbed the hyperventilation/barf bag and began breathing into it, quickly loosing air.

There was so much noise and the plane was falling.... The plane was going to crash. You could hear the beeping of the alert on the plane. Blood was already spattering everywhere and there was screaming and yelling everywhere as cold, snowy air whirled around your face, throwing your (color) hair all over the place.

Then you blacked out.
Part 1~ ^^ xD

I was just going to make this a super long fanfic, but I decided not to. xDD

So here's part 1
Part 2- [link]

This is based off of the movie 'The Grey'. [link]

I do not own hetalia, Gilbert, Antonio or Francis.

You (c) :iconbadtouchtrioplz:

Original picture ---> [link]

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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This reminds me of that Liam Neeson movie 'The Grey' HOLY HELL YES!! This sounds Frigging awesome!! FAVE~! :3
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I read this probability sentence time ago "It's more probably to have a car accident than an airplane accident... but it's more probably to survive the car accident than an airplane accident. So, you choose"
Since i read that i'm scared of both and know my feels towards a plane are worst xDu.
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I favorited this before I even read it cause i know all your bad touch trio fan fcitions are amazing XD And just so you know, Unless I misread the story, when the reader first wakes up you put the names Dean and Toni where I think Todd should be. Thought you might want to fix that~ Great story though! Imma go read the next chapter.
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