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November 13, 2012
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You sighed happily as you skipped down the sidewalk, on your way to your new job. Your friend Mathias KÝhler had opened a pastry shop and cafe called 'The King's', mostly selling different flavored danishes and supplier of your morning coffee. He needed a little extra help, so you decided to apply for the job and he hired you instantly.

Arriving at the cute little shop that had yet to be open you took a deep breath, then opened to door and walked inside. The shop smelled beautifully of sweet dough and icing. As well as different fruits lingering their scent in the air. You inhaled and smiled.

The minute you closed the door, a happy Dane walked out and greeted you with open arms, "Hej der, _____!" he said happily and gave you a hug, entrapping you in his strong arms.

You gladly hugged back, "Hey, Mathias! Excited about opening up shop today?"

"Definitely, but first things first. You need to get into uniform." he winked after letting go of you.

"Uniform? I thought this place wasn't formal." you tilted your head to the side slightly.

"It's not, I just thought if you dressed up it might help to set the mood." he replied, disappearing into the back.

You waited for him to return, leaning casually on a table. He returned holding something behind his back and you raised an eyebrow skeptically, "Whaaat's behind your back~?"

"Oh nothing, just your uniform." he said, waving a hand dismissively, "Here." He shoved a hanger into your hand.

You held up the outfit to inspect it. It was red, the main color scheme of the cafe. It had a white collar and the dress itself was red and had puffed sleeves and the apron was white(link to outfit in des.)

"No way!" you exclaimed, "I'm not wearing this! Do you realize how embarrassing it would be-!?"

"I wouldn't be embarrassing, it'd be cute!" he corrected, shoving a danish in your mouth to shut you up. †

You took it out of your mouth and spoke as you chewed, "Exactly why it'd be-..." you paused when you tasted it, "... Mmmmm! This is really good!"

"Mhmmm, and you know what'd be even better than the danishes?" Mathias leaned closer to your face and you swallowed with a blush.

"W-What?" you stuttered, getting butterflies in your tummy from your close proximity.

"Seeing you walking around in that adorable little dress." he stated, leaning down and pressing his forehead to yours, his blue eyes staring into your (e/c) ones. Your heart raced.

Taking the chance of your guard being down, he grabbed your wrist(not too roughly though) and dragged you to the bathroom, whispering in your ear, "So why don't you go try it on?" before shoving you in the bathroom with the dress.

*timeskip to when you have the outfit on*

You let out a disgruntled sigh as you looked in the full body mirror at yourself in the skimpy waitress's outfit, 'Stupid dane.... seducing me into wearing a slutty waitress outfit...'

You heard a light bang on the door, "______, you alright in there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just wallowing in my self-pity." you replied, tightening the red bow around your waist and rolling up the cuffs of the sleeves.

"Well hurry up, I wanna open soon." he said.

"Yeah, yeah..." you mumbled, walking over to the door and cracking it open.

You peaked your head out and Mathias looked at you expectantly, "Well... You gonna come out and show me?"

You sighed, opened the door all the way and stepped out. Mathias' jaw practically hit the floor. You smirked and walked toward him, putting in as much swagger as you possibly could. Once you finally stood in front of the man, you reached up and closed his mouth, "My eyes are up here, Dane."

He shook his head and †said, "You... You look great, ______! Du ser sexet ud!"

You smiled sweetly, "Thanks." even though you didn't understand the last part.... and it was probably better that you didn't.

"Now, one more thing before we can open up shop." he said, motioning for you to follow him to the back.

"Aaaand, what would that be~?" you giggled.

"Breakfast for two." he said, holding up two fingers. Another giggle escaped your lips and Mathias began preparing coffee and danishes for you while you set the table.

When he finished, you both sat down and he placed a danish on your plate, this time with a cream cheese filling instead of cherry and smothered in white icing.

He sat down in the red booth across from you and crossed his arms on the table, looking at you. You smiled and took a big bite of the warm pasty and let out an "mmmmmm" of satisfaction.

"So I take it you like it?" he asked, laughing.

"No, I hate it." you said sarcastically as you took another large bite out of the delicious danish.

He laughed and took a sip of his coffee. Your eyes closed in sweet smile and a light blush rose to his cheeks at your adorable expression.

Then he noticed the little bit of white icing on the corner of your mouth and smirked, "Hey, ______. You got a little somethin' right here." he pointed to the corner of your mouth.

"Oh, I do!?" you said, standing up to go to the bathroom and get it off.

You were about to walk in when the Dane stopped you and wrapped one arm around your waist and grabbed your chin gently with his other hand. Smiling, he looked down at you and said, "I've got it."

Then he leaned down and licked the corner of your mouth, ridding it of the icing. You blushed as red as your outfit and thanked him courteously. You tried to move, but his arm wouldn't budge from your waist.

"U-Um, you can let go of me now." you laughed, sweat dropping.

"But what if I don't want to?" he stated, looking into your (e/c) orbs.

"W-Well if you don't we can't open up shop." you reasoned.

"Oh, that reminds me," he let go of you and went to the back again.

He returned holding two crowns, one gold and circular and the other silver and like a head band.

He placed the gold one on his own head, carefully avoiding his hair and held the silver crown out to you, "Can't open up 'The King's' without the King himself..." he trailed off, seeming to be lost in thought with a content but nervous look on his face, "And you can't have a King without a Queen."

Your eyes widened... What was he getting at?

"So, what do you say, ______? Will you be the Queen to my King?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowed adorably.

You beamed up at your long time crush and nodded vigorously, "I would LOVE to be your Queen, Mathias! I've always wanted to be!"

"Then I dub thee, Queen ______!" he said proudly as he set the silver tiara gently on your head as it tangled with your (h/c) hair.

You giggled and curtsied while he bowed. Then you smiled blissfully and wrapped your arms around his neck, standing on your tip toes, as he wrapped his arms around your waist again.

"What do you say we seal this with a kiss?" he asked, staring lovingly into your eyes yet again.

You nodded and said, "That sounds excellent, King Mathias."

You both leaned in slowly, but finally the spark filled moment came and your lips met with a fiery passion for each other.

As you moved your mouth with his you thought, 'I love Danishes... and not just the pastry.'

"Jeg †elsker dig, _____." he moaned into the kiss, "So much."

You said in between kisses, "Ditto."


Your guys' cafe was a huge success.
Okay, well I wrote this a while ago, but when I wad editing it, I screwed up and erased it. :I So now I've re written it and I have to say it's a lot shorter and the other one was so much better. :I

Anywho, the dress is this ----> [link]

Hej der- Hey there

Du ser sexet ud- You look sexy

Jeg elsker dig- I love you

I do not own Hetalia or Denmark.

You (c) :iconsexydenmark2plz:

Original picture ---> [link]

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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