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You sighed, "Another please."

You pushed the empty glass to the bartender and he filled it up with more (alcoholic beverage). He set it down in front of you and went back to drying out wine glasses. You gratefully took it and gulped it down like water. When you set the glass down after swallowing the last bit in your mouth, you shivered at the bitter taste as it stung your tongue. But shortly after, you sighed again as you felt the warmth of the alcohol in your chest.

Then the warmth turned into a coiling heat that cooled into a cold, heavy, lead-like feeling tugging at your heart. You hunched over, your body quivering with quiet sobs. You felt like you were a glitching video game character running into a wall over and over again as yet another wave of painful realization hit you.

No longer would you feel the comforting presence of (guy's name). His voice would no longer ring in your ears as his words, but instead now as dead memories. His scent that was once a sign of relief, acceptance and love would now be just a bad stench stuck in your nostrils. The taste of his lips would linger like the taste of cocaine to an addict's lips. And now the sight of him would be an agonizing remembrance of what you could no longer have. He made his choice and he made sure you fully understood that his decision was brutally final. He was done with your relationship. He was done with you.  

You turned your head, glancing around at all the other people there. You met the gaze of a man sitting at the bar as well, sipping gingerly at a glass of red wine. He was looking at you. Immediately you sucked in your stomach and looked down at your lap, feeling very uncomfortable under the mans stare. Occasionally your eyes would glance up, bloodshot and puffy, to see his eyes still stuck on you. You wished that you could just turn invisible. You insecurity rose in you like bile creeping up your throat.

You looked away for the last time and went back to trying to put the broken puzzle pieces of your life back together. You let out a raspy sigh, your breath throbbing as your lungs rattled with restrained sobs. You closed your sore eyes, a few convulses of your caged cries coiled so tightly that they released every now and again. Your facial muscles pulled your lips back, lifted your cheeks and wrenched your eyes shut, squeezing out a couple more tears.

A hand on your shoulder startled you and your muscles tensed, you jerking around to see who was disturbing you. You turned to see a pair of crystal blue eyes, looking as sympathetic as your warm bed after a long day.

"Mon cher, what has driven someone as lovely as yourself to such sadness?" his voice was like one long oppressive purr.

You just turned back to your dink, looking at the tiny bubbles that were clinging to the bottom of your glass. You heaved once more, trembling like thunder as a storm of salty tears weighed like bricks on your ribs.

"Will you at least do me the honor of allowing me to know your name?" he asked again.

You looked at him again, your eyes tired. He could tell that you were trying to harden yourself to save yourself from pain, "My name is ______."

He smiled at you, though the smile was almost understanding as he nodded his head slightly.

"I am Francis, my dear." he gingerly kissed the back of your hand, "And I know that sometimes people need not words of comfort, but a simple presence of one who cares to feel comfort."

Francis sat next to you, turning to the side of his chair facing you. He outstretched his arms, "And sometimes, even the arms of a stranger can feel consoling."

You ignored the man's offer and continued to watch the bubbles swirl in your drink.

'(Guy's name) can go fuck himself.' you thought.

"Give it a try, mon cher." the frenchman cooed.

Finally you looked up at him, sighing as you dragged the back of your hand across your damp eyes. You took a deep breath and leaned in to hug him, your arms locking together behind his back.

His arms felt muscly as they enveloped you completely, pulling you closer. You took a deep breath in, expecting to smell (guy's name)'s familiar scent of marijuana and axe. But instead, you smelled a flowery, clean scent. It smelled like freshly washed clothes and roses. It was typically girly, however it seemed to fit this man.

Your hands gripped his white button up and your arms flexed as you allowed yourself to fall apart completely. Finally the building that you felt like you were holding up came crashing down. And  this man you barely knew was helping you to not be crushed by the falling rubble.

"Thank you." you whispered.

FranceXReader - Comfortby Wildheart63

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2014 Wildheart63
I was feeling depressed so I wrote some fluff to make me feel better. TTUTT

I hope you guys like it and just fyi i won't be posting a second part even thought it kind of ends abruptly. The rest of the sotry is up to you!! c:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyfranceplz:
Story (c) :iconwildheart63:
Original Image (c)…

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!?!?!?!?! :icondontkillmeplz:
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SergentSacasm7 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Student
Da feeeeeels!
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Erm... I picked Arthur for guy's name... I died when I read, "... expected to smell England's familiar scent of marijuana and axe..."
TheTrueKeitastic Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  New member
This comment made my day.
PokeKirby87 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Glitching game character? I feel like vanillope after Ralph left her...
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PokeKirby87 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
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You felt like you were a glitching video game character... BEN drowned has entered the building

sorry bout that, I absolutely love this story! so cute
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Fuck u ryan... eaven no u didnt date me...
(My first crush and he turned oit to be gay...)
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That was very satisfying to read.
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I have so many feels about this right now that I don't know what to talk it or how to explain it but a good story none the less
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