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April 21
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"Come on come on come on come on plllleeeeeaaaase???" you begged, hugging Ludwig's arm.

"Nein, I don't vant to." Ludwig refused, turning a page in his book.

"Then why did you pay to get into the pool if you're not even going to swim!?" you exclaimed, pouting.

"Because you vanted to come here und you refused to go in vizhout me." he replied, nonchalantly flipping another page.

"But aren't you hot?" you asked, tugging at his T-shirt.

"Nein, not under zhe shade of zhis tree." he huffed, "Besides, I didn't even bring my swimsuit."

"I know," you smiled coyly, "That's why I did."

He said nothing and you sniffled.

"Ludwig, if you don't swim I'm gonna cry and It'll be all your fault." you said, wiping some fake tears away.

"_______, you came here to svim. So go svim." Ludwig, waved you off.

"I came here to svim with you." you frowned, mocking his accent.

He looked at you from behind his reading glasses and sighed, his face a bit red with irritation, "Fine."

You beamed up at him, "Really!?"

"If it satisfies you." he grunted, standing up and walking into the men's changing room after you handed him a pair of swim trunks.

You looked over at your friends with a smirk, your hands on your hips. They were in the pool, by the edge and you scampered over, getting scolded for running.

"You have that man wrapped around your finger, don't you." your friend Chrissie said, twirling her finger with a smile.

"You're just jealous that you don't have a man with such chiseled, toned muscles." you began daydreaming about your German boyfriend, "Just wait 'till you see him shirtless."

Your other friend Ajia smiled cheekily, "I'll bet he's gorgeous."

You glared at her, half-jokingly, "Paws off, dude."

Ajia giggled, "I know, I know. But I can't help from marveling from afar."

Chrissie smirked, "Excuse you, Ajia. But aren't you already crushing on someone else?"

She blushed, her nostrils flaring, "Oh shut up."

You laughed, "Well guess what, girls. The hunk that walks out of that dressing room is all mine."

You looked towards the entrance, awaiting your toned man. You saw a shadow around the corner and the next thing you knew, Ludwig was standing there, shirtless in all his muscly glory.

"There he is." you smirked, your face heating up from his extreme attractiveness.

Ludwig walked over and huffed, "Happy?"

You nodded your head vigorously, "Very."

Chrissie was eyeing him up and down in her usual nonchalant way. She grabbed Ajia's cheeks and grinned, "Stop drooling."

Ajia caught herself and wiped her mouth off, disappearing under the water with embarrassment and swimming off. Chrissie gave her a weird look and followed, "Ajia, you dumbass."

As your friends swam off, you turned to Ludwig. Despite your cocky attitude, you still had a bit of a blushing complex when it came to a certain very very very attractive shirtless German. You felt your cheeks heating up just as Ajia's did and smiled, trying to hide it.

"You look good." you said, suddenly very flustered.

"Ja, ja. Vhatever. Lets just go." he said, wading into the water, unfazed by the sudden coldness.

You followed suit, shivering as you felt the pool water flooding up your spine. You figured the best way to get this over with was to dunk yourself right in. You took a deep breath, submerging yourself under the chlorinated liquid. You pushed off the bottom of the pool, darting forward, right in between Ludwig's legs. You could feel the slight tickle of the hairs on his legs tickle your arm as you snaked over the bottom of the pool, turning your body so it was face up. Once you knew that you were right bellow Ludwig's manhood, you blew bubbles straight up at it, feeling the muscles in his legs tense. You reemerged from the water, giggling at Ludwig's face. It was pure red.

You closed your eyes, unable to contain your laughter when suddenly you coughed as water entered your mouth. You rubbed your eyes and looked at Ludwig who had a trace of a sly smirk on him. The water rumbled around him, making it obvious that he was the one who just splashed you. However, he looked away and whistled.

You growled internally, planning your revenge. You jumped up on his back, wrapping your legs around his waist, feeling his hard muscles on your calves. Immediately, you went for his neck, knowing that was where his weak spot was. You nibbled on the sensitive skin and you heard Ludwig let out a small, barely noticeable groan.

Suddenly, he let his legs buckle and plunged into the water with you on his back. Your immediate reaction was to let go and as you did, Ludwig grabbed on to you, lifting you out of the water bridal style. He chuckled lowly and leaned in, sliding his tongue from your collar bone to your neck.

You let out a quiet gasp and Ludwig engulfed a small portion of your neck with his mouth, biting down and sucking on it. He left a dark hickey and grinned. Your blush was painfully noticeable and you could feel yourself writing with need.

Suddenly, a large splash of water blinded the both of you and it kept coming like a typhoon. Through all the loud splashing and water in your ears, you could hear your two friends yelling.

ehehehhehhh I felt like I owed you guys this. 

Chrissie is me in the story by the way ;u; I'm your friend and the other girl Ajia is a friend of mine that I thought would fit well for some reason hehe. 

I hope you like it. You're welcome for the partial cockblock c:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
Story (c) :iconwildheart63:
Original Image (c)…

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Plus, I do have a friend named Chrissie, but it's spelled differently. Just replace Ajia with Tera-chan. And you have two of many people that i know. :D :D :D :D O:-) :D :D
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I love swimming and all, but I am terribly allergic to chlorine.. sucks for me
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