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April 7, 2013
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Your smile never faultered as you greeted your guests and showed them to their seats. You manevered through the crowded dining area, trying not to let anything hit your large baby bump. People complimented you on how gorgeous you looked and how adorable you were with the baby, escpecially Feliciano.

The guys would be celebrating your baby, soon to come, in the bar area, while the women celebrated it in the dining area. The place was quite nice. Not too big and a little on the smaller side. You didn't have too many people coming, so it was perfect.

Once everyone was there and seated, your friend Elizabeta signaled the waitresses to walk around the tables and take evereyone's orders. She was kind enough to take the responsibility of planning the baby shower. She also got Bella to help out.

She thanked everyone for coming and announced the game they would be playing while they waited for their food to arrive.

"Alright, we'll be playing a guessing game. So, we've asked a few questions to Ludwig, the soon-to-be Daddy. He's answered them and we have them written down here. I specifically told him not to discuss this with (Name). Now, we'll ask the same questions to (Name), only she'll have to answer what she thinks her husband answered." Eliza smirked, "If she gets one correct, she will get a coupon that allows her to skip one diaper change, leaving that responsibility to her husband. But if she gets one wrong, that coupon goes to her husband."

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hand, "Oh my god. I'm going to get these all wrong."

"Okay, First question. How many naps does a baby need per day? Now remember, this is what your husband answered." she asked.

Oh, this would be easy. Ludwig is always quite sensible, so he's probably answered the most logical answer for each. This would be more of a common sense game.

"Ummm..... 5?" you answered.

"Mmmmmm no. He answered 2." Eliza shook her head, "That's a coupon for Luddy~."

"Wh-What!?" you screeched.

That dumbass.

"How many diaper changes does a baby need per day?" she asked.

"12." you said with confidence.

"Nope. Ludwig answered 7." Eliza sighed, "Tough luck, huh?"

You facepalmed. This would be harder than you thought.

*Timeskip of manliness, brought to you by the sexy Luddy*

So far you had five coupons and Ludwig had three. These questions have mostly been luck of puposely guessing the wrong answer. You thought Ludwig would know more about taking care of a child, but apparently not.

"Okay, (Name). Now the next question will double the amount of coupons you have." she smiled, "Who will be the dominant parent?"

This was easy. Ludwig's need to feel organized and in control was a dead give away.

"Ludwig would be the dominant parent." you said hopefully.

She cheered, "That's right!" and handed you five more coupons. You smiled and cheered.

Bella laughed, "Now you have enough to skip one day of changing diapers."

You sighed in defeat, "Yeah.... one day."

*Timeskip of awesomeness, brought to you by the soon-to-be Uncle Gilbert*

Now it was present time, your favorite time of any party. You smiled the largest smile you've had since you and Ludwig got married. All the guys piled into the dining room from the other room to watch you open your presents.

The first one handed to you was one that was wrapped in blue paper with adorable little ducks all over it. You smiled as you graciously took the gift.

You opened the card and read aloud, "Congratulations on the little bundle of joy. May you be one of the parents that is blessed with sleep. Call me if you ever need any help, you know I love kids. Love, Antonio." You looked up at him sincerely, "Thank you so much, and trust me I'll be sure to take you up on that offer."

You placed the card on the table beside you where Bella was keeping track of all the gifts you got so you could send thank you cards out later.

You tore at the blue paper until you came to find a brown box sitting in your lap. Ludwig kindly used the scissors to open the tape for you and you opened the box. The first thing you pulled out was a small bottle set.

"Oh, these will be perfect Antonio. Thank you!" you smiled, continuing to dig through the box.

The next thing you pulled out was a small set of bibs with adorable sayings on them.

You read the front one out loud, "My mommy says I'm cute." you laughed, "Oh that's adorable!"

The last thing you pulled out was a set of baby monitors.

"Oh, this is that video monitor one of my co-workers reccomended to me! Thank you!" you gushed.

He smiled, "No problem at all. Hopefully you'll let me babysit him or her sometime?"

"Of course, Toni." you smiled, giving the gifts to Eliza to put in the back.

Ludwig handed you the next one, sneaking a gentle kiss as he slipped the package into your hands. When you two parted, you saw a camera flash and looked up to see Feliks holding up a camera.

"You'll thank me later, hun." he stated, holding the camera up, ready to capture another heart-felt moment.

You opened the card and read it out loud again, "I hope you have a lot of fun with your new baby! We'll be sure to visit sometime so we can see the little one. Hugs and Kisses, Eliza and Roderich."

You looked up at them, "You shouldn't have."

"Pfft, It was nothing. I only wish I could have gotten you something more." she waved her hand dismissively.

You smiled as you unwrapped the neatly wrapped gift. You were met with another brown box, which Ludwig opened for you again. You opened it to see tons and tons of adorable little adventure books and bedtime stories.

You looked up at her with a huge grin across your face.

"For those restless nights, baby." she laughed, "By the way, a verse from that nursery rhyme book will have the baby out like a light."

You giggled, "Thanks, Eliza."

You pulled all the books out to take a closer look at them. There was another camera flash, but you just ignored it. When you pulled the books out, you saw something else at the bottom. Curious, you plucked it from the bottom and held it up.

"What's this?" you asked with a curious smile.

"It's a tape of lullabies on the piano for you. I played them myself." Roderich said, boasting in the teeniest bit.

"Well, thank you both very very much!" you squealed, placing everything back in the box.

Eliza quickly took the box, putting it in the back room. Ludwig carried over a rather large box. It was about the height of you sitting down.

"Wow...." you exclaimed with a dumbfounded expression.

"Sweetie! Sweetie! That's mine!" you heard Feliks practically squeal.

"Ah, guess I should have guess from the hot pink wrapping paper, huh?" you giggled.

"Acutally it's wicked hipster pink wrapping paper." he corrected you, holding up his camera excitedly.

"Right, sorry. My bad." you laughed, excitedly tearing the paper apart. You pulled the paper off to see a large box with a picture to a "wicked hipster" pink stroller on it.

"OMIGOD! Feliks, it's awesome!" you shouted, ready to jump up and down if it weren't for you being pregnant.

"Don't forget the card, hun!" he said, snapping a few pictures.

"Oh, right!" you said, plucking the card off the tape on the box.

You read it aloud yet again, "Hey, hun. Congrats! I mean really! I'll totally take you baby clothes shopping and we'll have so much fun! You still look hot as hell with that baby bump and, as if it were possible, even cuter! Good luck babe, make sure you make your hunky husband get the little one in the middle of the night too! Love forevs, Feliks."

You giggled. Oh Feliks.

*Pink Timeskip brought to you by the wicked hipster Feliks*

After opening all of the presents and eating cake, everyone went home. Save for your husband, his brother and the two that helped you plan your baby shower.

Gilbert had to leave, so you escorted him to the door.

Before leaving, he turned to you and congratulated you, "Congratulations (Name). Really, I mean it. You'll make a great mother and Ludwig is very lucky."

You looked at him. For once, he was completely sincere.

"Thanks Gilbert. It really means a lot to me that you helped with everything and I'm sure Ludwig is very grateful as well." you thanked him.

"I know you'll be amazing with the little one. You really are something. Sometimes I wish I had gotten to the door before West did. Then maybe you'd be having this baby with me." he stated, looking at the ground with a look of defeat on his pale face.

This comment struck you as a surprise, "Wh-What?"

He was talking about the day you and Ludwig had met.

Gilbert had invited you over to his house to collaborate on your latest assignment for work. His room was in the basement and Ludwig had been sitting in the living room reading. When you knocked on the door, Ludwig had been the first to answer it. And it was love at first sight.

"Nothing, nothing. Well, I've got to go. See you later Sissy-in-law and adorable mutti-to-be~!" he sang giving you a quick hug and friendly kiss on the cheek before making his way to his car.

"Wait!" you called.

He turned around, surprise on his face.

"L-Ludwig and I have been talking about it and..." you stuttered for a moment, "We want you to be the God Father."

The surprise on his face grew more prominent. Then his expression softened and he walked up to you. He gently trapped you in a loving hug and swayed you a bit, careful not to hurt the unborn chid.

"Thank you, (Name). Thank you." he said.

"Of course, Gil. You diserve it." you sighed.

He pulled away from you and turned to his car. You swore you saw little tears prickling in his eyes. He walked to his car and waved to you, refusing to turn around.

You averted your gaze and walked inside, Gilbert's comment still fluttering around in your mind, wracking your brain as hard as you could to figure out what he meant.

When you walked back into the dining area, you were greeted with a loving embrace from Ludwig.

"Did you have a good time, liebling?" he asked, inhaling your scent.

"I had a wonderful time, Ludwig. Just..." you trailed off.

"What is it?" he asked, looking you in the eyes with those beautiful piercing blue ones that you've come to love so.

You thought about mentioning his brother's statement, but decided not to, "I'ts nothing. Just forget it."

You smiled reassuringly at him.

"Okay, whatever you say." he shrugged, hugging you again and gently rubbing his hand over your baby bump, "I can't wait."

"Neither can I, Ludwig. Neither can I." you sighed blissfully. Even to this day, his touch still felt like fireworks and his voice still gave you little shivers down your spine.

Though you were completely trapped in his warm arms, what Gilbert said was still lingering in the back of your mind.
I shame myself. I was just going to make this super fluffy, but then I just kinda...... GILBERT.

It went something like this:

Me: Fluffy Germany YAAAAAYYY~!!!
Ludwig: Oh Geez

And yeah.

Hope you liked it.

:iconsexyprussia2plz: :iconsexygermanyplz: :iconsexypolandplz: :iconsexyhungaryplz: :iconsexyspainplz: :iconsexybelgiumplz: :iconsexyaustriaplz: and hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You(c) :iconsexyprussia2plz: :iconsexygermanyplz:

Story (c) :iconwildheart63:

Orignial image (c) [link]

Comments are EncouragedPlease Comment!?!?!?!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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