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January 1, 2013
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Your stomach growled as you sat in between the three men, debating over what to make for dinner. Ludwig wanted Wurst and Potatoes, Feliciano wanted pasta(what else?) and Kiku wanted Nikujaga. None of them could agree on what to eat and it was kind of ticking you off.

"Hey, guys." you interrupted as you thought of a plan to help pick, "Mind listening to my suggestion?"

"Ja, sure." Ludwig silenced immediately.

"Yeah! We should ask-a _______ what to eat!" Feli cheered.

Kiku simply nodded.

"Well, I know neither of you would like my suggestion.... But I do know how to settle this." you smirked, running up the stairs and calling, "I'll be right back."

You came back down with your laptop. You sat on the couch and placed the computer on your lap and logged on to the site that would save your hungry belly.

Feli sat next to you and looked over your shoulder, "Whatcha doin?"

"Ah, ah, ah," you waved your finger in front of Feli's face and his expression fell, "No peaking."

Feli got up and sat on the floor in front of you.

"Vell, don't keep us in suspense, ____. Vhat's your idea?" Ludwig asked.

You smiled adorably and stated, "Mad libs!"

"Mad ribs?" Kiku asked.

"No, not mad ribs! Mad libs!" you giggled.

Kiku sighed, "I know, ____.....It's just my accent...."

"I know, I know." you waved your hand dismissively, "I was just teasing."

"Do you all know how mad libs work?" you asked.

The nodded their heads and Feli sang, "Pastaaa~."

"Okay, well after we fill it in I'll read it aloud. Whoever laughs is out. Then we do it again. Whoever doesn't laugh through the whole two rounds wins and it's their choice what we eat. Sound fair?" you explained.

"Ja, zhat sounds gut." Ludwig agreed.

"Okay, here we go." you picked one that had an interesting title. 'Love Letter 3'.

"Okay. Feli, I need a name of someone in this room." you stated.

"______!" he said happily.

You sighed, "Okay. Ludwig, I need a noun."

"Uh.... Beer?" he said it more like a question.

"Okey dokey. Kiku, a superlative adjective."

"Funniest." he stated simply.

"Feli, your turn again." you smiled, "I need a noun."

"PASTA!" he sang loudly.

You laughed, "Okay. Now Ludwig, give me a body part."

The first thing that came to his mind was...... Yeah.... But of course he wouldn't say it out loud, "Hand."

"Mmmkay, Kiku. A verb ending in 'ing', please."

"Cooking." he was very plain about the game.

"Feli, I need another noun, please."

"Girls!" he giggle happily.

"Not plural, Feli." you laughed, "I'll just make it singular."

"Now, Ludwig. I need a verb."


"'Kay. Kiku, an event."


"Feli, a day of the week."


"Ludwig, another verb."


"Kiku, another verb."


"Feli, a place."

"The Leaning Tower of Pisa~!!" he chimed.

"Ludwig, a time span."

"Uhm... Forever?"

"Kiku, another verb."


"Feli, an adverb."


"Ludwig, I need another name of a person in this room."

"U-Uh..." he stuttered as he looked around, "J-Just put mine down."

You smirked, "Okay."

You hit the 'go' button and said, "Ready?"

"Ready, bella~!" Feli cheered happily.

..... Feli was a gonner....

You began reading it, trying not to laugh yourself,

"Dear _____,

It has come to my Beer that you are the Funniest girl/boy in the Pasta. My Hand starts Cooking a Girl every time you speak. I would like to Run if you want to go to the Anime-Con with me next Friday. If you Jump please Watch me at the The Leaning Tower Of Pisa in Forever. I Think you and everything about you.



Hetalia Mad Libs: AxisXReader N.1by Wildheart63

Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor©2013-2014 Wildheart63
Lawlz, I fangirled over the preview picture. xDD

Anywho, hope you liked and laughed~!

Hetalia, Germany, Japan, Italy (c) ---> :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) ---> :iconsexygermanyplz: :iconsexyitalyplz: :iconsexyjapan3plz:

Original picture ---> [link]

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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we want part 2
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Feli's so a gonner. And it might actually be the first time we here Luddy laugh... or Kiku..
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Hey, I can't find part two. Can you please put it up soon~? Great story so far! I laughed. .-.
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I smiled at the letter, but didn't laugh. DOES THAT COUNT?!
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Hey, where my number 2?...that sounded weird, nevrmind where is part two?
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