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August 20, 2012
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You eyed the stepping stool before stepping up to the top and peering inside the box. The only thing you saw was a full head of hair before you let out a quiet squeal and jolted backwards on the stepping stool.

You fell backwards, hearing wind whistling through your ears briefly until you were firmly caught by a strong, rough hand. Then you were pushed back up into a standing position on the stool. You blew your (h/l) (h/c) hair out of your face and turned to see (Friend #2)'s dad smiling at you. You quietly thanked him and he took off.

You dared to look back inside the box but there was nothing there... You could've sworn you had seen a head of hair before! You scoured the inside of the box from your aerial view. Still nothing.

You looked back over to (Friend #2) with the most confused look on your (skin tone) face, "Um... There's nothing in there..."

"What? Nah, that can't be." she denied as she climbed up the stepping stool. You and her looked back inside and suddenly you saw the head of hair again, "B-But... I swear that wasn't there a minute ago..."

"What wasn't there? I don't see anything either." (Friend #2) scratched her head in confusion.

"You don't?" you asked noticing a white sheet of paper taped to the top of the crate. You grabbed it. It read "Taking Care of your Canada Hetaloid."

"Are those the Directions?" she asked, reading over your shoulder.

"Yeah..." you trailed off as you read them.

After reading them (Friend #2) stated, "Hm... Maybe that's why I don't see him..."

"Perhaps..." you looked back down. The hair was slightly wavy and there was a stubborn curl sticking up.

"Well, let's wake him up." she said, hopping off the stool and running into the house.

"W-Wait!" you called quietly, running after her with the others following.

When you arrived she was already making pancake mix. You immediately began helping her.

*timeskip to when the pancakes are finished*

You carried the plate of four pancakes stacked on top of one another out to the crate that your Canadian Hetaloid stayed in and climbed up the stool again. You had a separate cup full of maple syrup that the Hetaloid came with.

"Um... Canada, please wake up?" you whispered, holding out your little peace offering.

You saw his eyes flutter open to reveal a majestic violet-blue. His head turned towards you and he gave a polite yet shy smile, "U-Um... Hello."

"Hi..." you trailed off. Then you suddenly remembered the pancakes, "U-Um... We made these for you... If you want to come out and eat them..."

"Sure, I love pancakes." his eyes drew shut as he smiled from ear to ear, "You have maple syrup, right?" he asked as he climbed out of the box holding a small polar bear plush.

You and him got down off the stool and you nodded your head, holding the plate and cup out to him. He gratefully took them, "Thank you."

"Uh... No problem..." you said, looking down at the ground.

"Hey, I helped too." (Friend #2) grumbled.

You giggled a little and Canada quietly thanked her as well. He graciously ate the pancakes flooded in syrup, enjoying every bite.


So the party continued and everyone was having fun, even Canada. Your friends had turned on a recording you had on your TV of a hockey game. Your friends all had soda to drink and chips to eat, but your Hetaloid had maple syrup and pancakes. Only then did you realize you would need to buy tons of pancake mix and more syrup soon. Canada was already close to being out of it. And you had to buy that all natural stuff that's original. Not the stuff like Mrs. Butterworth's.

You had gone to the kitchen to get more snacks for everyone. As you were walking into the living room you bumped into something (or someone) and fell backwards. There was a slight tugging at a small strand of your hair as you fell backwards and suddenly something(someone) landed on top of you. You opened your eyes and looked up to see Canada hovering above you and straddling your hips. And he looked utterly embarrassed. You both blushed fifty shades of redgrey //shot// and quietly apologized.

"I'm sorry, I-I didn't see you there...." you trailed off.

"N-No, it was my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." he countered and tried getting off you.

When he leaned up, there was that tugging at your hair again and you both winced. You looked up and noticed a strand of your hair had gotten tangled together with his curl, aka his erogenous zone.

Hetaloid!CanadaXShy!Readerby Wildheart63

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 Wildheart63
Okay, so I have the Canada one up. Next is Mr. Awesome, aka Prussia. ^^

I hope it doesn't suck and that you all liked it. ^^; I tried making the reader less cowardly and just more reserved as someone has suggested in previous fanfictions for this. I hope I did okay. ^^;

Miss something? Go back to start here!

Choose another?

I do not own Hetali or any of the charaters used or you.

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