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August 6, 2012
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You eyed the stepping stool before stepping up to the top and peering inside the box. The only thing you saw was a full head of hair before you let out a quiet squeal and jolted backwards on the stepping stool.

"Eep!" you cried weakly as you fell backwards, your back hitting the ground mercilessly.

"Oh my gosh, ____! Are you okay?" (Friend #1) asked.

"Y-Yes, I'm fine." you said as you stood up and dusted yourself off. You climbed up the three-step-stool again and peeked inside yet again.

"Try not to fall off this time." (Friend #2) laughed a bit.

You giggled, "I won't."

As you looked down, you saw a head of blonde shaggy hair and smiled. Then you noticed the Directions hanging on the bottom of the lid that you pried off. You took them off the top and read them.

He seemed like a pretty interesting Hetaloid. You smiled again and thanked your friend, "Thanks so much, (Friend #2)."

"No prob. Anything for you." she answered, wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

"So how do you wake him up?" (Friend #3) asked.

"Um... You have to have scones and tea ready..." you said quietly.

"Hmm... Are these it?" (Friend #1) asked, holding up a few black things, which you guessed to be scones and a teapot with a few cups.  

"Yes, they look like it." you responded and took the scones, teapot and cups. You walked into your home and began preparing tea, making sure it was stronger than you would normally prefer since this was England.

*~*Timeskip to when you finish the tea*~*

(Friend #2)'s dad had gotten England out of his crate, as well as all the other stuff he came with and left with the unfamiliar guy.

You walked up to England with a small cup of tea in one hand and a plate of his "scones" in another. You let the aroma of the tea travel towards him and his eyes fluttered open. They were a magnificent green.

"H-Hello, England.... W-W-Would you like some tea and scones?" you asked timidly, remembering the part about him waking up a little tsundere.

"Yes, I would love some." he gently took the scones and tea from your trembling hands, "Thank you, love."

You looked at him, masking your confusion with a small smile. Why wasn't he being all tsundere like the directions said.... You assumed you must have just woken him up the right way.

"May I ask your name?" he asked you, interupting your thoughts and making you flinch slightly.  

"Her name's _______! Ands she's reeeeaaalllly shy!" (Friend #3) said, poking your cheek. Her sudden voice also made you jump a little.

You adverted your eyes to the ground and you were about to introduce yourself and explain what was going on when, "Come on guys, I'm bored! Let's get on with the party!" (Friend #2) complained.

"A party?" England repeated in that British accent of his.

"Yup! It's also ______'s birthday!" (Friend #3) said excitedly.

"Would you like to join us?" (Friend #1) asked, approaching the three of you.

"Why yes, I would be very happy to join in your party. Happy Birthday, ______." England replied, dipping his head in a small bow towards you.

You blushed a bright red and averted your eyes to the ground yet again.


So the party went on for a while longer and it was getting dark. Your friends had plenty of fun switching the modes on England. They put him on Punk Mode and gave him a guitar and he played an amazing rock song for all of you. Then they put him on Pirate Mode and he told them a wonderful tale about his journeys on the sea. They ecspecially had fun with all his costumes.

Then, the beer was brought out and things got a little wierd. England had quite a few drinks and was currently chasing a claimed "Flying Mint Bunny" around in his toga outfit with a halo and wings. You were quite relieved when you read in the directions that it was normal.

'Note to self: Don't let him anywhere near alcoholic drinks ever again.'

Hetaloid!EnglandXShy!Reader-Part 1by Wildheart63

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 Wildheart63
yaay~ ^^ I finally finished the england one. :3 just four more to go for today ad I'll be done! ^-^ I hope you like it. c:

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Part 2- Coming Soon

I don't own Hetalia or any of the characters used or you.

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Oh, I would love an Iggy Hetaloid! This is awesome! 
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I'd leave him drunk he is so cute that way like in the anime when he was drunk and said am I Catholic or am I Christian DR tell me when part two is out
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I would have just left him in pirate mode XD
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The weird thing is that me and some of my friends when ever we're fangirling about something and then another one of our friends comes and talks to us we all always chant,"one of use, one of us, one of us!!"
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