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October 12, 2012
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Ludwig was forcing poor Feliciano and Kiku to run laps of a track in 97 degree weather. But you didn't have to participate because you weren't a country~. Yay~. But you felt bad for little Feli and Kiku, they were falling way behind while mean old Mr.Germany was about to lap them. Finally, you decided to suggest they play a fun game that still gave them plenty of exercise. A game that you could finally participate in too.

"Hey, guys! I have an idea!" you called, waving them over happily.

Feliciano went tearing off towards you with unnatural speed and for a minute you thought he was going to run you over. Until he slowed down and fell to his knees, clinging to your waist and started complaining, "______! _______! Please-a save me from meanie muscle head-a Ludwig!!!"

You simply sighed and patted his head, careful to avoid his sensitive curl, "There, there my little Feliciano. ______ will make it all better." you said with a silly voice. A voice similar to one you would use to talk to a baby or a puppy."Besides, I have an idea that will make training fun~!" you said happily. Feli stood and rejoiced, hugging you in his arms and talking too fast for you to understand.

Kiku and Ludwig finally made it over and Ludwig asked sternly, "Vhat is it, _____?"

Feli let go of you and you answered, "Well, instead of making them run laps... Maybe we could play tag instead?"

"I vill not participate in somezhing zhat childish." Ludwig stated.

"B-But it'll be fun~! They'll get their exercise, I'll be able to participate and It'll make the time fly right by~!" you explained, hope gleaming brightly in your (e/c) eyes as you looked up at the tall German.

"Pllleaaasse, Germany~! Pllleeeaassse~!" Italy begged with you.

"Alvright, if zhats vhat you vish." Ludwig agreed

"Oh~! Oh~!" Italy put his hand up in the air as if he were asking permission from a teacher to speak, "I've got an even better idea~!"

"Go ahead and tell us." you smiled up at him.

"My fratello told me these-a really fun rules for-a tag~! Come on~!" he said, running off and motioning for the rest of you to follow. You, Ludwig and Kiku all ran to keep up with him as he ran. He finally stopped beside a road with a few cars driving by. "Okay, so it's just like-a regular tag~! You just have-a to run up and down the yellow lines in the-a middle of the road and if you-a step off them, you're out~!"

"No rikey." Japan spoke for once.

"Feli, I don't think that's such a good ide-"

"Here~! You play like-a this~!" He said, running out into the road right in front a car.

"FELICIANO!!" you, Ludwig and Kiku all yelled in unison.

You sprung up and pushed Italy out of the way, you and him landing safely in the grass on the other side of the road, with you on top of him.

Tears pricked the corners of little Feli's eyes as you yelled, "Feliciano," you hated to say it but, ", that was reckless and stupid! Just what were you thinking running out right in front of a car like that!?"

"I-I thought I would-a get a hug from you." he said quietly as you raged.

"Why would you even listen to Romano!? He's all mean and tsundere! Have you no common se-!..." realization struck you,"... W-Wait... What did you say?" you asked as you looked at him with the utmost confusion.

"I thought I would-a get a hug from you.... And I did, but then you-a started yelling at-a me." he wiped away his tears with his sleeve.

"Feli, I don't understand..." you said.

"Your arms are around-a me and you're on top of-a me. That's a hug, right?" He said, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you closer.

"How did you think running out in front of a car would make me give you a hug?" you asked, still confused.

"I knew you would-a push me out of the way. And when we-a landed, that would-a be a hug. B-But then you-a started yelling at-a me." he explained, hugging tighter when he mentioned you yelling, "You never yell like-a Germany."

"Feli, I'm sorry I yelled." you hugged him back, "I was just worried. You could have gotten hurt and I don't want you to get hurt." You nuzzled your head into his chest, "And if you wanted a hug.... you could have just asked me."

He parted to look at you and asked, "Really??" with the most excited look on his face.

You sighed playfully, "Yes, Feli."

"Then in that case.... Can I have a hug?" he asked happily.

"Sure, Feliciano." you said and hugged him tightly.... But not as tightly as he was hugging you, Jesus Christ! You were afraid he was going to squeeze the life clean out of you?

Finally he let go and said, "Hey, can I ask you-a one more question?"

"Shoot." you smiled.

"Can I have a kiss, too?"

Your eyes widened. Feliciano was asking you for a kiss! Does that mean he likes you? Do you like him back?..... Hell yes you do.

You basically tackled him and crashed your soft lips into his. At first he was surpised, but he was quick to wrap his arms around your waist yet again and deepen the kiss.

You both finally pulled apart and Feli asked, "So does this mean you like me too?"

"Yes, Feliciano." you giggled.

"Yay~! That's happy~!" he cried in happiness, flipping you over so he was on top and kissed you passionately again.

And thus began your heated make-out session on the side of the road, displayed for all to see.

**Back with Luddy and Kiku**

They watched as you and Feliciano made out on the side of the road. Kiku looked away, blushing.

Ludwig said rather irritably, "Zhey really need to get a room..."
Holy crap! It's been a long time since I submitted fanfiction! Sorry to keep you all waiting, I've just had a lot going on with just starting highschool and blah blah blah a bunch of crap I already explained to you. xD

2 words:

Flufiness. Overload.

But, hey... That's what we all love about Italy, isn't it? :icononioncleanplz:

:iconsexyitalyplz::iconsaysplz:Maybe we should-a get the room like-a Germany said, si~?

You know you waaaant toooo~ (;

xD Haha, anyways, I don't own the picture( Original picture), Italy, Ludwig, Kiku or Hetalia.

You belong to ---> :iconsexyitaly2plz:

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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vocaloidsrcool Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
So sweet~
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-lifts head and stares at Germany- SAYS THE CLOSET PERVERT AND THE BROTHER OF GILBERT! 
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Germany: *jealous jealous* knock zit off, you two!!
Italy: get-a used to it!
Me: this is awesome >w<
Japan: .... =_=;;
Me: hmm maybe we SHOULD get that room, eh Feli?~
Italy: Vee!~ We-a should!~~
Germany: NO! D:<
Japan: >_<;;;
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Great story! :)
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