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November 10, 2012
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You sighed as you flipped through television channels while your friend, Gilbert, used your computer(probably going on MLP and Brony blogs and managing his own) because Ludwig kicked him off his. You sighed again, louder this time, hoping to bring to his attention that he's been on your computer blogging for about seven hours now... While inaudibly mumbling to himself.

You sighed even louder. Still no response.

Now you cleared your throat rather bluntly. Silence.

Now you went from noises to the actual word, "Ahem!", which was still to no avail.

Finally, you just said, "Gilbert, I wanna go on the computer. I need to go on deviantart and see if Wildheart63 has uploaded any deviations yeeet." You whined. (A/N: I wonder if people acutally say/think this *foreveralone* //shot)

"Hold on, I'm doing somezhing important." he responded, not taking his crimson eyes off the computer screen.

"Honestly, what could you be doing that is so important that you have to use my computer for seven hours?" you whined yet again.

He simply replied, "Stuff."

"Like what kind of stuff?"

"Like zhe kind of stuff you do on zhe internet."

"Which is~?"




You groaned in aggravation as you suffered from lack of internet and rolled off the couch you and him were sitting on. As you lie on your plump stomach, face down into the carpet, you let out another groan of dismay. Lying down on your stomach made your boobs hurt, but oh well.

As you channel surfed, you finally found a channel you could settle with.

'Funimation Channel! Yesss!' you cheered inside your head as you rolled onto your side and began watching the anime that was currently airing(which was Chobits).  

As you watched you looked at Chii and her tiny figure... and all the other women in the anime with the small waists, loathing that factor. You just wanted to see one female character that had a bigger waist and frame and got the guy. Just one. Was that too much to ask for...

Apparently it was because you had no knowledge of such a character. Seeing an anime like that would boost your self confidence a little. In just the slightest, not by much though.... But still...

Suddenly a commercial came on for a weightloss program and you thought about maybe trying one some day.

Then Gilbert spoke for once, "Don't even zhink about trying zhat veightloss shit. All zhey do is tell you you're fat and force you to be anorexic."

"I'm not, I'm not." you stated, though you secretly were.

'How great would it be if I did loose weight and got a smaller waist. Then guys might actually want to date me.' you thought bitterly.

Prussia's POV

'I just don't understand, vhy does ______ vant to loose veight. For one zhing, everyone knows zhat boobs are zhe first zhing to go. And second, she just vouldn't be _____ anymore.' Gilbert thought as he pounded away at the keyboard, the computer screen reflecting in his eyes, 'I vouln't have zhose temptations to touch her all over her soft skin. I can only imagine how soft it is und how varm she is. If she did loose veight, I'd be happy for her... She just vouldn't be zhe ______ I vill alvays know und love.'

I paused for a minute to crack my fingers and stretch my arms out. _____ looked at me from the floor expectantly, her eyes sparkling.

I cracked my neck and said, "I'm going to take a break for a minute to get somezhing to eat. Vant anyzhing?"

"Oh my god," She responded, seeming shocked, " Has The Great Prussia just thought about someone other than himself!?" she gasped sarcastically.

"Haha." I replied with just as much sarcasm as I got up, " Do you vant me to get you anyzhing or not?"

"(favorite soda) please?" she asked and I nodded.

"Just don't touch zhe computer yet, I'm not done." I stated sternly before walking out of the room.

'Oh, how surprised she vill be to see vhat I did.'

Regular POV

As he said that you nodded hesitantly and followed the orders given by the Prussian, continuing to watch your anime.


Finally Gilbert was off the computer and you were both watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. As the main characters tried to make more apple cider than the other ponies that were trying to take over Ponyville, Giblert grabbed the remote and joined you on the floor.

"Ve've already seen zhis one." he stated, hitting the up button a random amount of times. (He acutally knew that the health channel was a few stations up and thought it would be the perfect moment to put his awesome plan into action.)

As the heath channel came on you groaned, "Turn it ooooffffff, It reminds me how fat I am!"

Gilbert smirked, his plan going awesomely as planned, "You're not fat, you're chubby! Zhere's a HUGE difference!!" he exclaimed.

A bit taken aback by his comment you replied, "Is there now?..."

"Yeah, 'Fat' means forever alone veird person who eats a lot to hide zheir loneliness and doesn't have zhe awesome me to love zhem. Chubby means cute!" he retorted.

"Is that so?" you raised an eyebrow, giving him that 'you srs' face.

"Yes, I'm serious. It's on google und zhe internet cannot lie!" he stated.

"It's on google?" you asked as your interest was suddenly peaked.

"Yeah, see for yourself." he stated, giving you the laptop.

You logged on and went to (preferred internet user), going to google. You typed in the word fat and google's exact definition was seriously, 'Forever alone weird person who eats a lot to hide their loneliness and doesn't have The Awesome Gilbert to love them.'

Your face was the exact definition of the 'wtf' face. All you could manage to say was, "What the-..."

"Now look up chubby," Gilbert said as he rested his head on your shoulder, looking at the screen, "I left out some of zhe definition for chubby vhen I vas explaining it to you."

"Oooookkkkaaayyyy......" you mumbled a little creeped out as to why the fuck that was google's definition for fat.  

When google's definition for chubby came up it literally said, 'A cutie in which The Awesome Gilbert is head-over-heels in love with.'

You gasped.... Was he seriously on your computer all day, using your computer to hack google and change the definitions for Chubby and Fat??.....

'You. Are. Freaking. Kidding. Me.' you though, staring at the screen with a mixture of awe and amazement and utter confusion.

"Vell, zhe internet says I love you...." Gilbert trailed off as you continued to stare at the screen, "Und zhe internet can't lie."

You looked over at Gilbert with an awestruck face as he spoke.

"So vhat do you say? ... Do you love Zhe Awesome Gilbert back?" he rubbed the back of his head and a light pink dusted his cheeks.

You were silent for a minute.

Then you glomped him screaming, "OH I LOVE YOU YOU CRAZY PRUSSIAN!!"

"Das ist gut," Gilbert smiled as he hugged you, "Because vizhout you I vouldn't be awesome."


"One question though..." you said.


"How exactly does one hack into google and change word definitions???" you asked, still thoroughly confused as to how he did such a thing.

His response was one that you honestly should have seen coming, "Because I am AWSOME!"

You just sighed and snuggled your weirdo's chest.

Then you laughed, "You're going to be in so much trouble."
I wrote this with a random piece of scotch tape on my face. : D

Idek, it's almost 2 am.

So, I'm glad I finished this before my parents start raging on me to go to bed. xD They always tell me to go to bed early... and Technically I do go to bed early..... in the morning. xD

Anywho, I hope you like it~. ^^

I do not own Hetalia or Gilbert and his Gilbert-ness.

You (c) :iconsexyprussia2plz:

Original picture ---> [link]

Oh, and I should make this clear before confusion arises...... DO. NOT. Go out and try to type in fat and chubby into google... they will not appear with the definitions given in this fanfic.... Because Gilbert went back and changed them so he wouldn't get in trouble. xD

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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Dragon5032 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
SOOO thhaatts why he spent 7 hours...... he was hacking google.... XD ROFL
Hetaliaforever80 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Oh author-chan, sweet, innocent author-chan, The internet has lied to me before, They said the link I clicked on wasn't dirty, it was meant to be a link to a homework help sheet website, suddenly I turn up on a porn site (It was traumatic) I almost killed my laptop and went blind... GREAT STORY by the way!!
ForeverShipKukamu Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
I was about to scream "IM NOT FAT IM FLUFFEHH" but then I realized wait...does that mean I'm hairy? Oh fudge XD
CrazyHetaliaLover13 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If writing with Scotch tape makes this awesomeness, then writing with DUCT tape must make... PURE BEAUTIFULNESS.
sunshineg9 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Yes! I freaking love this! Except i like to believe everyone who is fat is just becuase a small body couldn't hold in all the awesomeness.
GamzeenMakaral Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That was the sweetest and stupidest thing that any guy could do for someone. It's such a heart warming and strange thing to do!!
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gilbert tha k you for loving my actual fatness too...
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