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October 21, 2012
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This was just an ordinary night for the legendary Slenderman. The same trees, same moon, same twinkling stars and the same need to kill an indifferent human soul. If he had a face, it would show of boredom and apatheticness. The human race was truly a sick species with their oblivious ways. So pure but with devilish intentions hidden deep beneath each and every one of them. He truly loved the absolutely terrified expressions on their plump faces every time they caught the slightest glimpse of him. If he had a mouth, he would laugh.

Although, there was another part of him that contradicted this feeling of uncaring and disinterest. While he laughed on the inside tauntingly, there was this growing feeling of loneliness in his heart. He was unwanted and feared of. And it hurt him. It hurt him so badly that he wanted to kill them all, hoping they would all be sent to their rightful place in Hell.

Slenderman had no idea where he had come from. It's like he was just there, like he just manifested and became of. He also had no idea when he had become of. It felt like he had just always been there. It was incredibly strange to even him.

Suddenly something changed. He heard a voice. A very soft voice. It was female and it was calling out. So he went to investigate. He teleported to the source of the ruckus to find a girl. She was very beautiful. Her messy (h/l) (h/c) hair bounced slightly as she trudged through the woods. She was still in her pajamas and was calling out a name.

'Ah... A little girl looking for her little lost dog. How disgusting. You'll never find your worthless little dog out here. It's probably already dead, snatched up by some sort of predator. Just like you're about to be.' he thought wickedly.

*Your POV*

"(Dog's Name)!" you called in vain, "(Dog's name), come!" As you made your way through the woods and over the leaves and twigs in your slippers, you shined a flashlight around, looking for the slightest bit of movement as you searched for your precious (Dog's name).

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed some movement, so you shined your flashlight in that direction. To your dismay, it wasn't your adorable dog. There in your light stood the torso of a tall slender man in a business suit. You trailed the flashlight up his torso, to his chest. He was an impossible height. He had to be around fifteen feet tall!

Finally the light illuminating from your flashlight reached his face and your breath hitched in your throat. His face was a deathly pale while and he was completely faceless.

*Reg. POV*

The girl stared at him, but much to his surprise, she didn't elicit a scream and run in the opposite direction. Instead she took a tiny step closer to him and continued to stare in disbelief. She was certainly old enough to know not to approach him; it was only small children that dared to near him. But, nonetheless, she continued to hesitantly walk closer and closer to him. Slenderman remained perfectly still, like a statue almost. The girl was now out of his range of sight, she was so close to him. He kept his stare set on where he had first seen the girl.

"Excuse me, sir, but... You wouldn't have happened to see a (dog breed) wandering around here... H-Have you?" she asked quietly. He slowly looked down at the girl. Her round face stared straight back up at him and her hands did not tremble. Her (e/c) eyes showed no fear, but sympathy.

Now he was starting to feel weird. It felt like the heart he didn't know was there was beating faster and faster as she stared up at him. He felt a terrible need, but for once it wasn't the need for human bloodshed. He didn't know what this need was and he didn't understand it. He had already convinced himself that all humans are sick creatures that deserve to be exterminated.

This girl was scaring him now. She was making him feel things he never felt before and it hurt his chest. Maybe... Just maybe... She was like him. Maybe she was some legend that had the power to tear people apart from the inside out, because that was how our little Slenderman felt at the moment. It was like an immense tugging at his chest that he wanted to make stop. He had the utterly strange urge to completely enwrap her in his long, skinny, muscly arms and hold her close. Maybe that was when she would strike. She played with people's minds and bodies. Then when they let their guard down, she would abolish them. What an amazing power to have. A Mind Witch.

Now he feared for his existence. He didn't want to be destroyed. He wanted to continue his survival. Perhaps if he catered to her every whim she would spare him. Maybe...

In that case, he unsheathed the long black tentacles hidden beneath his pale white skin. A horrible crackling noise was made as the tentacles ripped his cold flesh and tore the cloth of his suit. The extended and wrapped themselves around the girl as he made sure to keep the Mind Witch at a safe distance.

*Your POV*

Scaly tentacles that had ominously emerged from his back wrapped around your (size) frame and lifted you off the ground. You squeaked in surprise, unable to scream. You kept your eyes trained on the faceless man with the abnormal height and mysterious tentacles. You honestly expected yourself to wet yourself out of fear, but there was something strange about him and not just the height, lack of a face or tentacles. He had this strange charm to him. Your curiosity rose above your fear and you relaxed slightly in his tentacles. Never had you thought an ordinary human like you would have such an experience.

It walked with an awkward hobble as it carried you. Its back was hunched over slightly, probably due to its giantism. Its long arms swayed as it walked and it moved you constantly, keeping branches from whipping your delicate face. It was only a minute or two before it stopped. It was entirely dark and the light from your flashlight was completely masked by its tentacles.

You squinted, trying to adapt to the darkness enveloping you. It pointed a long, slim finger towards a smaller shadow near a tree. It had the distinct outline of a dog.

"(Dog's name)!" you called and the shadow of the dog perked up, looking in your direction. It barked and trotted towards you and the entity placed you safely on the ground, "(Dog's name), come." you ordered gently, patting your leg welcomingly. The dog happily ran over to you and you knelt down, holding your arms out.

*Reg. POV*

Slenderman saw how easily she could control the animal. So this was in fact her power. How interesting. But when the girl held out her arms and the dog ran into them, she didn't vanquish the animal like he had expected.

In fact, she hugged the animal the same way Slenderman had wanted to do to her. She pet the dog affectionately and kissed it head as it panted happily. It put its front paw on her shoulders, knocking her completely over. As she lay on the ground the dog licked her face and she hugged around its neck as she giggled, a smile on her pink lips. Her facial expressions were amazing. He was enthralled with how much emotion could be held within a single gesture of the face. She showed joy, happiness and all the emotions he saw humans make when something good happens. So that means she enjoyed the animal's actions.

She wasn't harming her slave because those movements made her happy. So if one of her minions could do it, he could too? The urge to do such actions was overwhelming for the humanoid. The Mind Witch stood and hooked her minion onto a long piece of leather, most likely so it would not escape again. She turned to him and said, "Thank you very much... Um.. Sir.." and strode off in the direction they had come from. All the while, Slenderman followed her like the obedient little slave he vowed to be. He followed her through the woods, on the empty sidewalk of the suburbs, and straight up the sidewalk to her house. She unlocked her door and walked inside, finally letting her slave off it's leash once the door was shut. He watched in silence as she walked into another room, not even having to duck under the doorway. He, on the other hand, was hunched over.

When she finally came out, she noticed Slenderman crunched into her house. At first she was startled, but soon recognized him. "Oh... its you." she placed her hand over her chest, "I didn't even notice you following me." Slenderman remained still. "S-So, um... Why did you follow me home?" she asked waving him into the kitchen.

Okay, he'd had enough of bending over, so he simply shrunk himself. Now you may be thinking, 'Slenderman can shrink?' Why yes he can, how else do you think he fits in small children's houses to stalk them? ;) Anywho, the humanoid shrunk himself catching the poor girl off guard slightly. She bit back a gasp as Slenderman reached a normal man's height. Slenderman could reveal his mouth to answer her previous inquiry, but that might be a horrific sight for the young mind witch. She either had genuinely good intentions to treat the animal so kindly. That or just had no experience at all. So instead he just stood there.

As she looked at him, his urges to hold her in his lanky arms grew stronger. With each passing second he had to use more and more of his will power not too. Even though on the inside he was bursting with inner turmoil and sexual tensions he seemed perfectly calm on the outside. This mind with was truly powerful. Never before had he felt such things. If felt like nothing could satisfy him other than doing those deliberate actions. Finally he couldn't control himself.

He reached a long arm out to touch the witch's face with his bony fingers. He traced the girl's jaw line. "U-Um, sir-" he placed a finger over her lips to silence her. Then he just looked at her with his non-existent eyes. He looked deep into her (e/c) eyes. Those beautiful (eye shape) (e/c) eyes of hers. Then he broke eye contact with her and turned to look at the surroundings. He searched for a more comfortable place to do what he was about to do. He didn't want the young witch to abolish him.

He held a hand out to her. She looked at it for a moment and for a split second our little Slendy was afraid she might shoot lasers out of her eyes and into his hand. But she did nothing of the sort. Instead, she hesitantly took his quite large hand in her smaller one. He began walking to another room, all the while the witch asking him where he was going and what he was doing. Not in a demanding tone though, oh no. She sounded sweet, like she was more curious about the humanoid instead of fearing him.

Finally he stopped outside a room that had an odd looking platform, but looked very comfortable. So without further ado, he leaned down, picking her up bridal style in his skinny yet very strong arms. She let out a small squealing noise as she was lifted off the ground and hugged around his neck for support. The sensations running through his body at that point were none that he had ever felt before. It was more satisfying than killing off a disgusting and useless human. This feeling was so indescribable and he wanted more. So he walked in and set her gently on the platform, climbing over top of her.

*Your POV*

The strange being you had met in the woods was now over top of you in your bed... But why? You were just an ordinary person looking for their dog. But this.... thing had no face and it's skin was pale white.... Why? Nothing really made sense to you at that moment.

Suddenly he leaned down and pressed your lips to where his lips would be. Suddenly a tingle spread throughout you entire body. It was a pleasant kind of tingle. The kind of shivers you get when someone you love touches you intimately. You normally didn't get this kind of attention, so this was all new to you. You had no clue what to do. So you just let him take control.

You then heard a ripping and crackling sound and looked up to see a mouth on his face. It was in a huge, insane smile and had long, sharp, white teeth. You just stared in both awe and fear. Then he kissed you for real. His mouth danced against yours in magical and inhuman-like movements. Well, probably because he was indeed a humanoid. His mouth continued moving rhythmically, trying to coax you to join him in his shenanigans. In all honesty, you wanted so badly to kiss him back, but you didn't know if it would be right. Wasn't this like bestiality. You could get arrested for this.

But the way this humanoid specifically was making you feel. He was making you feel like you were the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Like you meant something to him. So, hesitantly, you joined. Your mouths moved in perfect sync. Suddenly you felt his long, lizard-like tongue graze your lips. You froze. Now what were you supposed to do? Open your mouth and allow him entrance? Or deny it? But if you denied it, what would happen? So you reluctantly opened your mouth just a bit. He slid his long tongue through and explored the wet cavern of your mouth. The way his tongue moved was absolutely mesmerizing. You just completely melted into the heated kiss. You lost all sense of sanity you had and went completely overboard. You moaned into the kiss and snaked your arms around his neck. Now the kiss was becoming more forceful on his end and it was turning you on. Yes, it was wrong to be turned on by a humanoid creature, but you didn't care anymore.

*Reg. POV*

Slenderman was hungry for her. He wanted to hear her moan. He wanted take her all for himself. He was going to do exactly that. The more he gave in to his urges, the stronger they got. He just wanted more and more and more.

Finally he mustered up the courage to remove her shirt. He gently slid it over her head wondering what would be underneath it. To his surprise, he found another piece of fabric over two mounds of flesh on her chest. He had never seen anything like this before. He just got more and more excited the further he went. So he continued going uphill from there. He placed his hands on her shoulders and  slid the straps of the other small piece of fabric off. Then he paused, unsure how to get the rest off. He had never seen this type of clothing before.

The girl giggled and reached behind her. A clipping noise could be heard and the fabric fell onto the bed, revealing the two mounds on her chest. She leaned back down and Slenderman climbed over top of her yet again and began kissing down her jaw line. A low moan escaped her lips, exciting Slenderman even more. He took a large hand and placed it tenderly over her (large, small, ect.) breast. She gasped and arched her back. Slenderman smirked, showing his surprisingly white sharp teeth. She squealed in delight as Slenderman massaged her delicate, precious breasts.

Slenderman kissed down her neck, reaching a certain soft spot, eliciting a wonderful moan from the beautiful girl. She clung to the humanoid tightly as he continued with his foreplay, driving the (blonde, brunette, ect.) girl mad. As he teased her, he felt a slight tugging on his (red/black) tie. He looked down to see her hand gingerly taking the tie off. She slid it off his bony neck and began unbuttoning his suit. All the while, Slenderman just watched as her hands went further and further down.

Finally she slid the black coat of the suit off and began unbuttoning the white undershirt. She only got about half way down when Slenderman pinned her hands against the bed and began attacking her neck with kisses and love bites again, eliciting more wonderful moans from the witch.

She pushed away for a second to finish unbuttoning his shirt and slide it off. She rubbed her hands gently over his surprisingly built chest and abdominal, feeling the hard muscle beneath his cold skin.

*Your POV*

This creature's muscles were surprisingly hard and felt great beneath your soft hands. He remained still for a second, enjoying the attention from you. He then reached down and unbuttoned your pants, sliding them down and leaving you in only your wet panties.

You gasped as he traced a finger against your entrance from outside the fabric of your panties. You gripped his shoulders tightly as he slid them off and teased your dripping heat. The feelings that this humanoid was giving you were indescribable. Never before have you felt so wonderful in all your life.

Finally, he inserted and long finger and you moaned, arching your back and throwing your head back. He thrusted his fingers continuously and you continued to moan. But those pitiful moans would never do for this humanoid, Oh no. He wanted screams of pleasure from you. He would not be satisfied until screams of ecstasy left your kiss-bruised lips.

So, without further ado, he undid his pants and slid them off, as well as his boxers, leaving him completely nude. He lifted your legs over his shoulders and placed himself at your entrance, sending pleasurable shivers throughout your body. And with a roll of his hips, he was inside you and you cried out in pain as your virgin walls split. You gripped the bed sheets as you adjusted to his size and length.

The pain left as quickly as it came and you instructed, "Please move~."

He did as he was told and pulled out until it was only his tip and thrusted himself in again. You moaned out in pleasure and he did it again. His thrusts became faster and harder and soon you were screaming delight as this humanoid fulfilled his wish.

But soon a tightening sensation came into your lower regions and you knew the end was near. With just a few more thrusts you yelled, "I'm comming~!" And just as the last scream left your throat you walls tightened around his member, driving him mad. He released inside you and your grip on the bed sheets loosened.

You panted and he pulled out of you, quickly standing up and pulling his pants back on. He dressed himself again as you regained your composure. By the time you came back to your senses, he already had the bedroom window open and was ready to climb out.

"W-Wait!" you called, causing the creature to pause, "I-I don't even know your name..."

It turned around and carved some letters into the wall next to the window with his nails. Once he removed his hand, you saw that the letters spelled 'Slenderman'.

You sighed contently and said, "Slenderman..." You opened your eyes again to bid him a farewell, but he was no longer there. you looked around the room, but saw no one. Waltzing over to the window, you looked out into the dark streets of your neighborhood, but still saw no sign of him.

You smiled and closed your window. You walked back over to your bed and lie down, pulling the covers up to your chin and falling asleep instantly.

*the next morning*

You awoke the next morning to the sound of your alarm clock. You bolted upward in a cold sweat and memories of last night flooded back into your mind. Panting, you brushed it off as a dream.... A very strange dream.

You got up, ready for another day when something caught your eye. You looked over by your window where something seemed to stand out amongst the paint of your room. You saw the word 'Slenderman' carved into your wall and smiled.

'So it wasn't just a dream....'

SlendermanXReader .::Show Me Love::. Lemonby Wildheart63

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 Wildheart63
Mature Content
Okay, so I finished this........ :I I feel so dirty. xDD

also for the hundred theme challenge.

#50. Breaking the Rules

Lol, okay I don't really know what else to say on this one, so....

I don't own Slenderman or you.

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