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March 1, 2013
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Your hips swayed gently to the soothing music playing from the stereo in your kitchen. A light smile grazed upon your lips as a blissful glint in your (e/c) eyes flickered.

Your mind was engulfed in music as you baked sweet treats for your loving husband and his younger brother for when they arrived home. A precious love that couldn't be phased by anything was held between you and your Spanish lover.

Your hands moved skillfully and swiftly as you poured the exact amount of sugar into the cookie batter. Humming along to the blaring music, you cracked two eggs into the bowl and dashed a bit of vanilla into the batter.  

Suddenly, you heard the door open and your lips twitched up into a huge smile.

"I'm home~!" you heard your husband's beautiful voice call out.

You picked up the rubber scraper, covered in cookie dough and held it behind your back. With a welcoming smile, you sauntered lovingly out of the kitchen to greet your unbelievably handsome husband.

The way his hair laid was perfect as the dim light reflected off his sun-kissed skin. Those bright, happy forest green eyes were enough to make you melt and gush compliments for him.

"Welcome home, mi amor~!" you squealed with the small amount of Spanish you actually knew.

"What's that behind your back?" he asked, skeptically raising an eyebrow.

"Why, Antonio~... What ever do you mean~?" you turned around so your back was facing him and held the rubber scraper to your front, "There's nothing behind my back~."

"Well..." he trailed off and waltzed up to you. "There's this." he smirked and firmly grasped your butt, forcing you to shudder and muffle a squeal.

"And this." he gently trailed his fingers up your spine, giving you shivers.

"And this." he carefully caressed your arms as he held you in his trance.

"And this." he moved your (h/l) (h/c) hair away from your delicate neck and leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on the back of your neck.

You sighed blissfully for a moment until you realized what he was doing. He caught only a glimpse of what was in your hands until you tore out of his loving hold and held it behind your back again.

"Ahah! I saw it! I saw it!" he laughed.

"Saw what, Toni~?" you smiled whimsically.

"You're baking cookies." he sated, walking closer to you.

You backed away, "Toni, you're delusional. I have no clue what you're talking about."

"I can see right through you, (Name). Don't try to act all innocent." he tried reaching behind you to grab the scraper, but you jerked away playfully.

These shenanigans went on for a few more minutes until toni grabbed on to your shoulders and forced you up against the wall.

He smiled, "(Name), give it to me or else." he playfully threatened.

"Or else, what?" you batted your eyes innocently at him.

He just smirked and brought a hand down to the hem of your shirt.

You looked at him seriously, "You wouldn't..."

"Oh, but I would." he smirked and reached his cold hands up your shirt, causing you to squeal.

You tried to pull away but the wall behind you prevented you from doing that. You flailed around as he tickled you with cold hands and squealed, "Fine, Fine! Take it! Just stop with the tickling!"

He stopped and took the scraper out of your hand, "I love you." he winked and walked off, licking the dough off the scraper.

"I hope you get salmonella for that!" you yelled to him, placing the dough in little balls on the cookie sheet.

"You love me~! Admit it~!" he called back.

You sighed playfully, "I love you."

Suddenly a pair of tan arms wrapped around your waist and there was a whisper in your ear, "I love you more." The scraper was placed back in your hand, completely clean of any cookie dough.  

"No, I love you more~." you giggled.

"I love you more." he shook his head.

"I love you more." you playfully elbowed him.

"Well, I love you most~!" he said, placing his head in the crook of your neck and inhaling your scent as he watched your place the balls of dough on the cookie sheet exactly two inches apart.

"Hmm~..." you sighed, "How about we agree that we love each other the same?"

"Deal. Seal it with a kiss?" Toni smiled.

You turned around and hugged him around his neck. You glanced up at his eyes quickly and press your luscious lips upon his slightly chapped ones.

Hie kissed back with all the passion for you in his heart. Wrapping his arms around your (size) waist, he felt all of your curves, trailing his hands up and down your sides. He swayed you a bit and hummed blissfully into the kiss.

You were about ready to jump on him and attack his face with kisses. There wasn't much holding you back, what with the way he was swaying your hips and touching you and kissing you. So you did.

You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his torso, embedding your fingers in his hair. He yelped a bit in surprise and fell backwards, laughing. You landed on top of him and giggled sweetly.

He smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, examining your beautiful (e/c) orbs. He smiled a toothy grin, his white teeth prominent against his tanned skin. You leaned down and placed a kiss on his nose that was so sweet it could give sugar cavities.

Toni wrapped his arms around you, bringing you closer to him and began singing along with the music.

":music:Even though we ain't got money~.:music:"

You rested your head upon his chest and listened to the rhythm of his heart beat as he sang.

":music:I'm so in love with you honey~. And everything'll break a chain of love~.:music:"

You smiled as he serenaded you.

":music:And in the morning when I rise~. You bring a tear of joy to my eyes~. And tell me everything is gonna be alright~.:music:"

You smiled up at him, "I love you so much."

"I love you more than I love tomatoes." he sighed blissfully.

"Wow... That was deep." you giggled, poking his nose.

"Well, I do~." he grinned.

You both sighed in unison, "I'm so in love with you, honey~."
Fanservice. xD Lol, I was in a fluffy mood today, so I wrote this while listening to the song that Toni sings to reader-dear. xD

Even though it's an old song, I love that song. Lawlz. x3

Hetalia and Spain ---> :iconhimaruyaplz:
You ---> :iconsexyspainplz:
Story ---> :iconwildheart63:
Song ---> [link]
Original picture ---> [link]

Comments are encouragedPlease Comment!?!? :icondontkillmeplz:
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This was sooooo sweet >\\\\\\< I loved it <3
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Spain: I love you more than I love tomatoes.
What Reader-Chan actually said: Wow, that's deep
What I Thought After I Read That: This is so deep, I can see Adele rolling in it.
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